UV Sterilizer Mineral Water Treatment Equipment

uv sterilizer

Production flow chart of UV Sterilizer:  
Raw water tank—raw water pump—multi-medium filter--active carbon filter –water softner (Sodium Ion Exchanger)—precision filter
RO mainframe(including chemical cleaning device)—ozone generator— Treated water collection tank

This equipment are body device of closed cases. Owned tube in common and disinfected , electric apparatus was controlled, three major parts of case body were assembled .
Disinfect tube adopt high-quality stainless steel make , the material mere to with high efficiency to can get rusty reflection have to ultraviolet ray, will not produce pollution while using , accord with the hygienic requirements of food industry. Tube built-in ultraviolet lamp and quartz glass tube, disinfect tube for airtight container that pigeonhole while bearing while being whole of, barrel have enter water mouth and water outlet, it is stainless steel that is it connect both ends is it seal one and is it stamp flange to pigeonhole to have to in charge of.
The control system of the electric apparatus was assembled according to the operation principle of the ultraviolet lamp. And is equipped with the alarm , the signal lamp and voltmeter ultraviolet lamp DK-34 type disinfecting device have 2 associations,namely expand and deal with the flow outside , can use two groups of ultraviolet lamps at the same time .
The case body is in charge of and preview the glass tube in order to protect the ultraviolet lamp mainly , cause brokenly so as not to collide , the whole equipment can be moved wantonly .  

Technique parameter:
Total power:0.12kw
working pressure:<4kg/m2
water pipe diameter:25mm
light tube life: 3000H
Externel diameter:L=1160mm W=260MM H=650MM
Sterilizer efficiency :bacterium>99.86%
collor bacillus:99.68%

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