thermal shrink wrapping machine

Overalldimension:5050*3300*2100MM Mainmachine:1180*1080*2370mm Shrinkingmachine:3890*1050*2040mm Electricbox:1250*780*1100mm Machineweight:1.2t Shrinkingpartsize:3700*920*1750mm Maxpackagesize:600*400*350mm Packagespeed:8-15bag/min Conveyor
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shrink wrapping machine

thermal shrinking machine for bottles

Can | Glass bottle| PET bottle

Overall dimension: 5050*3300*2100MM
Main machine: 1180*1080*2370mm
Shrinking machine: 3890*1050*2040mm
Electric box: 1250*780*1100mm
Machine weight: 1.2t
Shrinking part size: 3700*920*1750mm
Max package size: 600*400*350mm
Package speed: 8-15bag/min
Conveyor width: 920(adjustable range 200)
Working power: 20kw 380v
Working pressure: 0.6-0.8mpa
The shrink packaging machine, widely used in beverage, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and combination packaging.