Online Carton Box Plastic Film Pallet Wrap Packing Machine

pallet wrapping machine

This machine is fully automatic stretch wrap system that can operate in line with other automatic equipment.
The pallet is auto transferred to the pallet wrapper from the feeding conveyor. Wrapping cycle is automatic begin when the pallet is stopped in the wrapping position.Film attached against the pallet at the beginning of wrap and cut & grab film tail after wrapping finished.The wrapped load transported to the output conveyor and waiting for the fork truck unload.And the machine is ready for next load.
Control System
  • PLC control system
  • Touch screen allows operation easily
  • Auto sensing pallet arrive&start wrap cycle
  • Auto cut & grab film after wrap finished
  • Film tension control adjustable
  • Separate variable carriage up-down speed
  • Variable T/T rotation speed
  • Safety tower light alarm
Go home position after wrap cycle finished
Soft start /soft stop
Turntable slew bearing drive
Table fully shrouded for greater personnel safety
Addition conveyors & other type (chain,belt) available
Safety fence
feed & output conveyor
Film carriage
Powered pre-stretch system up to 300% to min film consumption(pre-stretch ratio can be specially made)
Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film
Auto film tail cut & wipe system
Pneumatic clamps grab the film tail after the wrapping finished
Hot wire cut film
Pneumatic brush activate
Heavy structural steel frame construction
Heavy duty conveyor guards
Adjustable leg height
Different roller diameters and roll spacing available
Conveyor speed:12m per min(other speed available)
Photo-eye pallet sensing
Technology data
Max load size:1100mm*1100mm*2400mm
Turntable diameter:1800mm & 2000mm
Turntable speed :3--12 rpm
Machine go home position after wrap cycle finished:2745mm*1800mm*3330mm
Packing efficiency:30--40 load/h base on load

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