Linear One-piece Film Overwrapping Shrink Packing Machine TSP-WD-300A

Appearance concision、beauty,fracture novel、unique,convenient to maintain;Big screen, manipulation interface LCD Chinese and English display;Pneumatic expand support membrane roller, membrane change is quick, membrane change just
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overwrapping film packing machine

Product Application
● Appearance concision、beauty,fracture novel、unique,convenient to maintain;
● Big screen, manipulation interface LCD Chinese and English display;
● Pneumatic expand support membrane roller, membrane change is quick, membrane change just need two minute;
● Membrane tension transport, even and plat, film cutting controlling is precision, cut is tidy;
● Super servo controlling technology can keep each fracture precision in-phase, transmission is reliably;
● Heating case fracture is reasonable、heat insulation and warm keeping,temperature controlling precision is highly.
● Match German Lenz、German P+F、Taiwan AirTac、Italy Motuoliao ect international most advanced controlling component, device is fine, working condition is steadily.
● Mechanism drive part adopt to heating treatment stainless steel or medium carbon steel ect material; surface spray coating quality is fine; whole machine anti-rust character is very highly;
● While all the electricity、pneumatic controlling accord with latest international applied criterion (CE criterion)
● While electricity cut, set manpower rotary conveyor belt device, easy to move heating tunnel inside product outside;
facility basic configuration:
● Facility model: TSP-WD-300Atype
● Facility overall size: L10600×1560×2150H mm
● Packaging article max size: L *W *H mm
●Shrinkage film material: PE、PVC、POF
● Shrink membrane thickness: 70~90um
● Per minute max capacity:25-30bag (can limitless speed adjust)
● Power supply max load relied: heating case 48kw/220v
(while temperature power is 48KW, working temperature keeping section power is 24kw);mechanism part power is 10KW);
● Machine usage compressor air pressure:0.4~0.7Mpa;max gas consumption quantity is: 0. 25NM3/min
● Conveyor belt max width: 600mm,height is: 1120~1185(mm)(can adjust)
● Pressure requirement: 380/220V
● Facility weight: 5150kg