Manual wrap shrinking machine BSE5040

manual wrap shrinking tunnel machine

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1. Features:
1) Sleeve type packing with PE film---Packing with ends are closed. Firstly cutting and sealing, secondly delivering into shrinking tunnel to be shrank.
2) Photoelectric sensor is used. Adjust the sensor according to the thickness of the products.
3) The temperature in shrinking tunnel is adjustable. Hot wind system is used in shirking process. It makes the shrinking effect better and more beautiful.
4) Widely used for carton and box packing. The tunnl size can be designed and manufctured accroding to carton or box size.

2. Techincal parameters:

Model BSE5040
Packing speed 0-6 packs / min
Dimensions 3500×830×1980mm(mm)
Max.packing size 450×270×350mm (mm)
Min packing size  250×60×60mm
working pressure ≥0.55MPA
Loading weight  25KG
Power  220-240V,380-460v  50-60HZ
Power (rated / production) 22KW
Weight  480KG


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