Manual L Bar Sealer POF/PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine All-in-one

manual shrink wrapping machine

1. Integrated sealing and shrinking in one step.
2. Transparent hood makes the sealing and shrinking visible.
3. Adopts glass fiber cutler's isolator and nickel alloy cutter in order to result in perfect sealing line, to avoid the film sticking the cutter.
4. It furnished special roller with pin to make small holes on the film.
5.Slidable film holder, can hold various specifications of shrink film and easy to adjust.
6. Might not make over hot around environment after long time operation.
7.Low power consumption, only 2.5kw per hour.
8 .Adopts PPS thermostable cutter clip to bear heavy intension after long time operation
9. The heighth of the package supporting mesh inside the chamber can be adjusted for different sizes of products.
10.TSP-400A equipped stainless steel conveying mesh with the height adjustable transporting the products out after the sealing and shrinking automatically, double increase the packing capacity.

This machine is widely used for outside shrink packing by film, such as foodstuff, beverage, pharmacy, video disc, hardware, cosmetics, book, toy and electronic products etc; especially suitable to put and use it in a small room where space is limited such as supermarket, monopolization shop, office and some experimental room etc;

POWER                           220V-240V/1ph
POWER(MAX.)                          3.3kw
POWER(REAL)                           2.2Kw/h
CAPACITY                          0/350pcs.
SEALING BAR SIZE                           420X550
PACKAGE SIZE                           500X380X250(h)
MACHINE SIZE                           1390X800X1460
WEIGHT(NET/GROSS)                           125/150kg

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