Linear Sleeve PE Film Wrapping & Shrinking Machine TSP-WD-250A

linear shrink wrapping machine

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Main Features
1.It adopts the imported PLC program automatic control . It has stable function and precise control
2.It has automatic functions like conveying materials ,unscrambling , shrinking and cooling
3.The film conveying adopts the imported transducer control  in order to reach stepless speed conversion
4.It adopts the advanced spiral  wind circulating structure and three-layer heat insulation to save energy .
5.Besides,it uses the enhanced cooling and design finallizing passage which can make product packing finalize the design more quickly and easy to be stored and transported.

Technical Data

Name: Automatic Linear PE Flim Shrink Wrapping Machine
Model: TSP-WD-250A
The thickness of shrink film: 0.03—0.10mm (Can be designed as your special requirements)
The film’s max width: 600mm
Shrinkable bake temperature: Can be arbitrary adjustable within room temperature~200℃
The max packing speed: 15-18packs/min
Power supply: 380V/220V 50Hz three-phase five-line
Power: <37kW
Working air pressure: 0.6~0.8MPa
Air consumption: 25m3/h
Conveyor level height, the position of enter material and dimension: Design as the customer’s request
Packaging type: Two sides open, two sides seal
Shrink film: PE, POF, PV etc.
Suitable bottle-type: Glass bottle, pop can, PET bottle and other material which 200 ℃ temperature-resistant
Suitable bottle neck: Φ60-110, height can be design as your demand (342.5mm is ok)
Weight: About 1500kg 

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