Full Automatic Can Shrink Wrapper Machine with Carton Beneath

can shrink wrapping machine with carton

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1. Description:
TSP series Shrink Wrapping Machine is an automatic machine with precut membrane system for packaging a group of containers in shrinkable film. TSP Shrink Wrapper applies to medium and high speed production line and can be customized according to client's requirements.

2. Make to order product:
(1) Film only
(2) Film, with pad under bottles
(3) Film, with formed tray under bottles
(4) Printed film

can shrink wrapping machine with carton beneath
3. Features:
1. Special bottle separating system suits more bottle types. 
2. Change bottles and collocations without additional parts. 
3. Importing components to facilitate the efficient running.
4. Patented film design to achieve good packaging effect.
5. Shortening the changing time to realize high efficiency.
6. Importing durable materials to largely reduce the costs.
7. Special process reduces customers’ costs in repainting.
8. In order to minimize the space taken by the equipment.
9. The tunnel is environmentally friendly, safe and efficient.  

4. Diagram demo

5. Technical data:
Packing Speed 65 packs per min.
Packing Manner Film + Tray
Machine Size  L13670mm*W1650mm*H2600mm 
Applied Bottle Size Ø55-110mm, H80-320mm
Packing Size L210-450mm, W120-300mm, H80-320mm
Energy Consumption 104KW
Film Size Max. roll diameter: 500mm
Inner diameter: 76mm

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