L Sealer heat shrink wrapping machine TSP-450A

Application: Suits for doors, curtain frames, floors, ladders, windows, etc;
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heat shrink wrapping machine

Features :
l  Application: Suits for doors, curtain frames, floors, ladders, windows, etc;
l  Sealing speed is up to 15meter per minute for fast and efficient production;

l  The blade with Teflon treatment can endure high temperature without sticking;

l  Sealing and cutting system with constant temperature makes the sealing straight, firm and beautiful;

l  Bannerphotocell detects the product delivery accurately;

l  The machine applies the most advanced Siemens PLC accompanied with touch screen guarantee the precise action;
l  Waste film recycling system creates a clean and safe production atmosphere;
l  Hot air circulating shrink tunnel uses stainless steel heating elements which could ensure long life span; the shrinking temperature and conveyor speed are adjustable;
l  Conveyor unit of shrink tunnel has Teflon mesh type or rod-shaped chain type for your option;
l  All the switches are Siemens;
l  The machine suits for packing long products with unlimited length; high level of automation could be widely used in mass production;
l  The finished products are neat, compact and suitable for storage and prolonged transport.


Model TSP-450A
Power Supply 380V 50Hz 3phase
220V 60Hz 3phase
Height of Worktable 910-960mm
Width of Cutter 1300mm
Tunnel Size(L×W×H) 1500×1200×400mm
Shrink Film PE, POF and PVC
Packing Size Length : unlimited
Packing Speed Depends on the length of your products(15m/min)
Sealer Part Size(L x W x H) 2845 x 1800 x1910mm
Shrink Tunnel Size(L x W x H) 2500 x 1550 x 1765mm
Air Pressure 5.5KG/cm2