Zhangjiagang TSP packaging machinery co., ltd is a well-known beverage packaging machinery manufacturer in China. TSP provides wine, drinks and water turnkey production and packaging solutions. Our core competences including water treatment system, syrup blending, drinks carbonating and sterilizing system, conveyors system, filling, labeling, date printing, packaging system and blowing system. With scientific management conception, comprehensively evaluates clients’ requirement and conditions, gives reasonable proposal and investment advice, thus improving production line effective and saving cost. Assists clients with source integration, factory layout design, workforce distribution, installation and training, meanwhile brings clients high net margin and reward. We hold 'Top Spec Performance' rules, having exported more than 50 countries and area. In the past 5 years, awarded 99% customers positive feedback. We believe business make us friends, business make us close. 

We sell:
*  Water treatment system (R.0./UF)
*  Bottle filling & sealing machine (0.2-2L water,beverage,alcohol,jam,oil,glass bottle,can,cup,jar,gallon)
*  Labeling system (self-adhesive,sleeve,wet glue,hot melt)
*  Shrink packing machinery (bottle,box,cup,coffee,instant noodle,bowl)
*  Plastic bottle blowing machine (0.2-30L water,juice,beverage,gallon,oil,chemical,industrail,commodity)
*  Injection moulding machine (preform, cap)
*  Conveyors and layout design