Complete - Indian Beverage PET Can Project 250ml Slim

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- Slim 250ml PET can advance & benefit
After an overall research, we have learned that the 250ml slim can has fewer manufacturer make it, and fewer market till today. In consdering of less market share, we advise this business idea as soon as possible. With scientific management conception, comprehensively evaluates clients' requirement and conditions, gives reasonable proposal and investment advice, thus improving production line effective and saving cost. The complete pet canned drink required, 1. pet can maker. 2. beverage pretreating system 3. filling and sealing machine 4. after-packaging system etc.

pet can blowing machine

- Slim 250ml PET can dimensions
The 250ml beverage can, we called slim can, it's europe standard, 134mm height, 55mm diameter, lid 200#. Considering of 250ml slim aluminum can fewer supplier make it, we advise the plastic can instead of aluminum can, saving 300% raw material cost, and environmental protectively when producing.

pet can cutter

250ml can slim

Complete PET canned drink production line, check link: