Source:TSP PackagingAuthor:Jame Addtime:2016-11-25
Congrates big boss's son marriage of miss Xiao

On behalf of TSP Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd (says TSP) owner Mr. Andy, to celebrate son's wedding feast this month, TSP company would like share bonus with all clients worked together.
(Pro Code: W2020161125T from 25th NOV. ~ 25th Dec. 2016)
1. Water filling machine (no limit CGF, QGF series 3-in-1 monoblock machine) offer 15% off price. (subject to offered project no.)
2. Juice, csd, wine, oil and other beverage filling machine (no limit DCGF, RCGF, BCGF, GSZ series monoblock machine)  offer 20% off price (subject to offered project no.)
3. Labeling machine (opp, adhesive, cold glue, sleeve labeling type) offer 12% off price
4. Shrink wrapping machine offer 12% off price
5. Stretch blow molding mchine offer 10% off price
6. Water treatment system offer 10% off price
7. Beverage mixing, cooling and sterilizer system offer 8% off price
8. All equipment offer 5% off price

NOTE(very important): above promotion privilege CAN NOT mix use, and bank slip generate date must earlier than deadline. Finally TSP has all explanation rights to this promotion.

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