(Shipment) 5 Gallon Filling Machine QGF-100 to Indonesia

Source:TSP PackagingAuthor:Jame Addtime:2019-04-11
10th May, Wednesday, Sunny day

We processed shipment to South East Asia country Indonesia, it's small capacity 5 gallon barreled production line machine, model# qgf-100, capacity 100BPH, voltage 220v, 50hz. This machine can do inside washing, sterilizer water washing, hot water washing and filling, capping process, can meet small business need and it's high effiency with low labour tensity.

5 gallon filling machine

Alough it's a smaller machine and smaller box, we hold quality first rules, made strong woonden box for packing, and inside with film wrapping, can prevent machine from squeezing causing machine defective, and we believe client will choose us again when they upgrade their business in future.

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