Iranian Clients Reaching Business for PET Canned Drink Project

Source:TSP PackagingAuthor:Jame Addtime:2019-04-11
Before posting this article, we deeply regret that the Iran Tehran shooting accident striked this morning. God bless innocent people peaceful and no harms.

Wednesday, 7th June, Sunny Iranian clients visited TSP factory for PET canned drink business reaching, and very satisfied with our quality and service, see the project setup in Tehran soon.
This morning, we picked up clients in the Hotel, after a shortly talking in the hall we drive them to our factory visiting. After thirty minutes driving, we arrived the factory, and tour clients for vistiing.

Let us simply introduce this project whole process in factory, firstly we need prepare the PET cans, that requires us make bottle after this cutting mouth make cans shape container. Here we recommend the PET can cutting machine in factory.

And secondly, we need prepare the drinks in factory, it's a complex mixing and sterizling processing system, that required cooling, mixing, filtering, carbonating etc.

Thirdly, that is the key to make good product - filling and packing machine. In this processing, it needs experienced filling and packing solution, because a perfect production line can not make by anyone, especially in beverage packaging industry. We design washer, filling and seaming, when drinks is filled in cans, next we need give it a warming process. When these process is complete we can sleeve a label and barcode, finally packing it into cartons.

Clients is watching the machine operation.

Clients take photo with us

Clients take photo alone

Bussiness negotination in meeting room