Soft drink warmer pasteurization tunnel TSP-6000

cold drink warmer

Bottle Warmer/Cooling Tunnel
1.bottle/can spray warming machine/tunnel
2.for carbonated drink after filling
3.necessary equipment in carbonated drink line
Based on advanced same technologies from Germany,Italy and Taiwan,we developded this new type of bottle cooling/heating machine Its working process can be divided into 3 stages:circulating hot water spraying.warm water pre-cooling and cold water-cooling.The cooling/heating temperature and time can be regulated in according to the requirements of user,It is suitable for cooling or heating all kinds of bottled or canned hot beverage and aerated beverage.It equips with "Rexnord"(American famous brand )chain plate,which made of high temperature resistance polypropylene(CPP).Its structures is made of fine stainless steel.So the machine is more reliable in running,also it has a beautiful appearance.

Main Technical parameters
Model TSP-4000 TSP-6000 TSP-12000 TSP-16000
Output capacity (Battle/H) 3000-4000 5000-6000 8000-12000 13000-16000
temperature() 37-45
cooling time 12-15(min)
Conveying belt linear speed (mm/min) 100-550
Width of chain (m) 1.22 1.22 1.5 2.0
Steam pressure(MPa) <0.4
Water consumption (m3/h) 6 9 15  
Steam consumption (Kg/h) 80 120 250 400
Motor power (kw) 6 7.55 8.6  
Overall dimension (mm) 4700×
Kg 2500 3200 4800 6500

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