Hot Juice Inverted Glass Bottle Cap Sterilizer DP

invert bottle sterilizer

It's suitable for tea, fruit juice,used for the sterilization of filled bottle neck and mouth.(juice line sterilizing equipment)
1.  This kind of machine is especially used for second sterilizing in juice production line. It is not only sterilizing the material but the caps.
2.   It is the essential sterilizing machine for the hot filling production line.
1.The machine is mainly used to sterilize the interspaces where can’t be reached by high temperature materials in the mouths or capsules of juice or tea bottles whice have been filled and sealed.
2.After the product being filled and capped, the bottle shall be inverted 90°automatically and put flatware by the machine, and the inner of the bottle shall be sterilized by high temperature of the materials and then bottle shall be put vertically and enter into the shower and cooler.
3.The machine runs steadily and reliably and does no harm to the bottle body while the transmission speed is adjusted steplessly.

Main data:
Production Capacity 100-250 b/min
Application scope Plastic bottles, glass bottles
Sterilizing time 10-40s
Conveying chain belt speed 4.5-25m/min
Motor power 1.5Kw
Overall Size L×W×H (mm) 15000x860x1450
weight 1800Kg

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