Top labeling machine flat bottle label applicator equipment tb-210

top labeling machine

Top labeling machine flat label applicator equipment:

Flexibility is the key of the top/side labeling machine   
Hold-down conveyor for side labeling & top labeling on light weight box
Turn-around joint to allow change from top labeling mount to side labeling mode in seconds.
Hold-down conveyor for side labeling and top labeling on light weight boxes.  
Simple single sided separation wheel for square shaped boxes or double sided separation wheel for thin and wide boxes.
Various online coding/printing devices including hot stamping, CIJ, HP thermal inkjet, TTO,  and thermal transfer print engine available for printing from a simple code to sophisticated database information and barcodes, with control or status monitor integration.
Various inspection functions for missing codes, missing label, or unreadable barcodes with automatic rejection upon error.
Touch control panel with user friendly operation menus. Memory of 50 sets of operation parameters
Servo motor driven labeling engine to ensure labeling accuracy and speed.
World renowned brands of control and motion components complying with GMP standards to ensure long term durability and reliability.

Equipment Parameters:

Power max 1.0kw, AC220V, 50 or 60HZ ( depends on customers' requirement)
Labeling Speed 0 to 150 pcs  per minute
Label Length 10 to 250mm
Label Width 15 to 180mm
Label Reel Inner Diameter     
Label Reel Outer Diameter     
within 360mm
Labeling Error ±1mm
Products Size 10 to 350mm in Height, 10 to 150 in Width
Machine Dimension L2500 x W550 x H1400 mm;

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