Auto Sleeving Glass Bottle Cap Shrink Labeling Machine SLM

glass bottle cap shrink labeling machine

Milk | Vinegar | Sweet sauce | Tomato Sauce | Olive oil | Blue berry juice

This model working speed can reach 100 to 200bottles/min                        
Single Contraction Label Feeding Tray: Automatically controlled by micro-computer
Automatic detection and position
Change label is quickly and easy.
Absolutely precise cutting-off position
Electrical Appliance Configuration Specification
SLM-200P type is a kind of cap seal machine, it adopts equivalent PLC, positioning module, servo motor and frequency converter. Besides, its touch screen is featured with a humanized operation.
Applicable Bottle Types
Various any kind of bottle types, for example: round bottles,square bottles,flat bottles, curved bottle and cup-shaped,etc.

Technical data:

Model SLM Sleeve Labeling Machine
Input Power 3.0KW
Input Voltage 220VAC
Production Efficiency 100 to 200 bottles/min
Size of Host Machine 2000L 1250W 2200H
Applicable Diameter of Bottle Body 28mm~125mm
Applicable Length of Label 30mm~250mm
Applicable Thickness of Label 0.03mm~0.13mm
Applicable Internal Diameter of Paper Tube 5”~10”

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