Linear BOPP Hot Melt Glue Sticker Labeling Machine TSP-12000

bopp sticker labeling machine

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Part 1 Brief Introduction

This machine is applied for decorating containers with wrap-round, reel-fed labels, it has a linear design with a precisely operating labeling station which cuts film or paper labels and then uses hotmelt to glue them to the containers. As far as efficiency, accuracy and speed are concerned, this labeling machine iwth its permanently developed technology in this field.
Part 2 Principle of Operation

2.1 A feed roller, the speed of which is adapted to suit the label length, continually pulls the label web from the reel.
2.2 The label web guider, which is installed as standard, is responsible for ensuring that the label web is pulled straight.
2.3 In the cutting unit, the labels are precisely cut while a computer and servo-motor provide an exact cut-off point.
2.4 Two narrow strips of hotmelt, which are applied by a heated glue roller to the leading and trailing label edges, glue the labels together.
2.5 The hotmelt strip applied to the leading label edge ensures a precise and positive transfer onto the rotating container.
2.6 This glue strip ensures that the label is positioned precisely and glued correctly.
2.7 As the container is rotating while the label is being applied, the label is stretched to fit smoothly.
2.8 When the trailing edge is glued down, the secure bond is complete.

Technical data:
 Model TSP-12000
 Machine size 5000L*1600W*2000H(mm)
 Weight 2T
 Speed of labeling 3000BPH-24000BPH
 Power voltage AC 3-pin  380V / 50Hz
 Rated power 9KW
 Percent of pass ≥99.5
 Accuracy of labeling ±1mm
 Diameter of bottle 55-75mm
 Material of bottle Glass , Metal , Plastic
 Buttle shape Round
 Label material OPP , BOPP , PAPER
 Label thickness 0.035-0.13mm
 Label height 40-300mm
 Inside diameter of paper tube 6 inch
 Power consumption of air source 0.5Mpa
 Operation Full Automatically
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