Self-adhesive Liquor Glass Bottle Sticker Wrap Labeling Machine

glass bottle labeling machine

Glass wine, Liquor, Vodka, Beer, Cocktail, Square bottle, Flat bottle

The labeling system using the most advanced fully automatic adjustment mode without manual adjustment of the parameters, no need to move the location of the sensors installed. To switch to a different label or bottle at once as long as the standard testing process can have a complete PLC system automatically adjust the parameters.

Technical data:

Labeling speed    0~350bottles/minue
  Precision   ± 1mm
  Inner DiameterRoll   φ 75mm
  Outer Diameter Roll   φ 300mm
  ProductsDiameter   φ 15mm~φ 100mm
  Label Width   30mm~70mm
  Label Length   15mm~250mm
  Conveyor Direction   L→ R/R→ L
  The Width of the Conveyor Belt   100mm
  The Way of The Distribution of The Bottle   Sponge Round(Standard)
  Electrical Requirements   220V50HZ
  Power   700W
  Dimension   2400mm× 910mm× 1665mm
  Weight   230kg
  The speed according to the length of the label. Special needs upon your request

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