Which Plant Water Business Required?

Source:TSP PackagingAuthor:admin Addtime:2017-05-04

For most beginner who has idea invest the water business, due to the limited budget and pursue a high reward, we carefully make competitive budget and most needed production plant as following:

Bottle blower→Air conveyor →Washing, filling & capping three-in-one→ Light check→Automatic shrink labeling machine→Ink jet machine →Automati shrink wrapping machine → warehouse

1. Bottle blower, that we called PET stretch blow molding machine, can make bottle with mould, it can print your logo and design etc. But it belongs to plastic hollow forming plant, need two steps for making bottle, firstly,  pre-heating the preform, and secondly molding and make it bottles

2. Air conveyor, it's delivering bottles with air, it can blow bottles into filling part, the benefit is that human can do the bottle feeding job, saving automatically feeding plant cost. 

3. Washing, filling & capping three-in-one unit the monoblock machine, can do washing, filling and capping job, due to the rotary structure, it can work high efficiency. And work with multi bottle size, easily change bottles.

4. Light check, we need check not-qualified bottles and pick them out.

5. Automatic shrink labeling machine, this machine can auto casting labeling and shrink label to complete the labeling job.

6. Ink jet machine, it can print bar code, production date, expire date etc.

7. Shrink wrapping machine, it can wrap sleeve film and shrinking plastic film, make bottles a package, people can directly hold a package up to 24 bottles and store to warehouse.