How to do if stopped for a long or short time?

Source:TSP PackagingAuthor:Nemo Addtime:2017-04-17
The protective way if R.O. equipment stopped for a long or short time.

When stopping the R.O. equipment normally, firstly stop the high pressure pump, close dosing system, pre-filter system and corresponding valve. Once the R.O. equipment has stopped, it should make use of washing system and drain the sewage out.
'R.O. equipment stopped shortly'

if comes with 5-30 days short time stopping, for now the R.O. membrane still in the shell, reserve operation as following steps:
(1) with water, washing the R.O. equipment, meanwhile completely exhaust air from system;
(2) after pressure container and related pipline filled with water, close relational valve, prevent system from air getting into;
(3) every 5 days, washing the system complying with above steps.

'R.O. equipment stopped for a long time'

 If R.O. equipment stopped over 30 hours, it should make use of washing system and protect the R.O. equipment:
(1) use 0.5-0.7% 
concentration formaldehyde solution that reverse osmosis filtered water prepared for, and adjust PH between 5 and 6;
(2) with washing pump, start off washing R.O. at 45-58m3/h flow rate;
(3) sampling and assay drained sewage, once 
formaldehyde solution concentration reaches 0.5%, stop washing pump working;
(4) close R.O. all inlet and outlet valve and make sure system filled with qualified formaldehyde solution;
(5) when R.O. equipment stop period over 30 days, it should repeat step NO.1-4 make sure system in safe and reverse osmosis membrane unit in temperature over zero Degrees Celsius;
(6) when resume R.O. system, firstly use low pressure pump wash for 0.5-1h, then use high pressure pump wash for 5-10min. whenever washing with low pressure or high pressure pump, make sure the drain valve open all the time. before system operating as normally, it should make sure water without fungicide as well.