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how to start bottled water business?

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Bottled Water Production Line
bottled water production line
All bottled waters, including spring water, are subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They are considered packaged food products. Specific definitions and standards apply to spring water. Your products may also have to meet individual state standards as well. So here we recommend the R.O. (Reverse Omosis) as water purification system, below is the flow chart in water purifications system.

1. Water treatment system Raw water--Pump--Silica sand filter--Carbon filter--Water softner--Reverse Osmosis -UV sterilizer-Ozone generator--Finished water tank
2. Filling&Packing part   Bottle unscrambler--Air conveyor--Washing,filling,capping 3in1 machine--Light checker--Blow dryer--Dater printer--Labeling machine --Packing machine -Stock

Before water business started, we will consider to buy a blow molding machine instead of the bottles from manufacturers. From long term considering, we strongly advise customer make bottles by themselves.

3. Bottle production line  PET Resin --Injection moulding machine -Bottle blowing machine --PET bottle

Should we buy injection moulding machine as well? - we advise that at first begining of production, customer buys the cap and preform directly, because the injection moulding machine is extremely expensive thant other plants, generally the big factory will make the capps and preforem by themself.


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