Peach Juice - How fruit juice made and bottled?

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I Fruit juice production processes
1- Raw material choice
Use ripe, fresh, good taste, juicy, no pets and diseases fruits, it has to ripen the green fruites in advance.

peach juice production line

2- Raw material pre-treatment

  1. washing, use pure water washing and cleaning the hair of fruites, after washing, put it in 1% hydrochloric acid or rinsing in detergent
  2. Use machine cut into two pieces and remove core
  3. Soak and protect it’s color, after put the fruit without core to 0.1% citric acid and L type ascorbic acid soaking and protect it’s original color

3- Heating and squeezing

Heating fruits slices under temperature 90-95 degrees to make it soften, afterward through 0.5 mm mesh of beater peeling the fruits
4- Flavor blending
The pulp through above process, it need blend the flavor by adding sugar, citric acid and L type ascorbic acid. The ratio peach pulp 100 kg, 27% sugar liquid 80 kg, citric acid 0.45 kg, L type ascorbic acid 0.07-0.2 kg.
5- Homogeneous and degassing
Homogenous, it aims to divide suspension of pulp into small particle and evenly scatter into the juice, make it stable and prevent it from being layered.  The method is passing raw juice to high pressure homogeneous 0.002-0.003 mm mesh, make pulp and colloid into smaller granule. Generally use 130-160 kg/cm2 homogeneous.
Additionaly, using colloid mill can homogenize the juice too. When juice passing colloil mill 0.005-0.075mm small gap, the pulp in juice will collide and friction because of powerful centrifugal force, it purpose juice homogeneous. When squeezing fruits into juice, the oxygen, nitrogen,carbon dioxide existed, it has to be mentioned that nitrogen will cause vitamin C and pigment oxidation, therefore, it has to through degassing process.

peach juice

6- Sterilizing and filling
When juice heating to 95 degrees, keep the temperature in one minute, immediately filling into bottles or cans.
7- Sealed and cooling

After juice bottle is sealed, invert bottle for one minute, immediately cooling it to 38 degrees step by step, then store into warehouse. The qualified tea drink or juice drink its color pink or tan, and it's normal color with dark red, liquid evenly unclear, after a long time put still it produce granule precipitation,with peach flavor, not disgusting flavor,  soluble solid ratio reach up 10%-14%

II Peach juice in production line

peach juice production line