How CSD drink is made?

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CSD is the abbreviation of Carbonated Soft Drink

csd production line

1. the CSD drink Making machine required mixing & cooling equipment, and the beverage mixer is necessary

2. the next step is Filling into bottle, as we know, the CSD drink contain with gas (carbon dioxide) that why we drink the cola that is good taste and cooling

3. we also need Apply labels to the bottles....let's break the steps.... when we apply labels, we found bottle with drop, it's due to the CSD drink is cold, temperature reach 1-5 degree celsius. After it was filled with the bottle, the bottle getting into conveyor and contact with the air, the air became drop. We need find way to make it warm.

4. before bottle labeling starts, we need keep the CSD drink warmer in tunnel, in the Beveage warmer, it not only keep the beverage warm, also we keep the drinks good quality, make it shelf life longer.

5. after we apply the label, we will Print date and Package it into cartons

6. the last step is delievery drinks to warehouse and sell market

Let's watch How CSD drink is made in factory...

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