What is the difference between pco 28mm 1881 & 1810

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difference pco1881 and pco1810
As we know,
the common preform or cap comes up with 28mm diameter, so they can match and prevent the water or drinks from dropping. And some other specification such as 29/25, 30/25,42mm,46mm,55mm,18-410 neck, 20-410 neck, 22-415 neck etc. Let's talk about the common one when we have idea to start the beverage business, especially to start the water business because when we choose the right bottle, our business will looks prosperity.

The big difference between two type bottles, the "HEIGHT". PCO 1881 hegiht 17mm, and PCO 1810 21mm, it seems the PCO 1881 saves the weight, accordingly saved raw cost for us. Whether this will be defenitely correct choice for starting this type of bottle? - Not really, though the bottle saves weight itself, we don't need take much money to buy raw material but how it can bear other bottles squeeze and collision when deliverying?

For us beverage machinery manufactuer, we will advise to give you solution make the PCO 1881 botlte stronger. By dosing Nitrogen make it happen, when stack the bottle, it won't lost it shape and affect the quality. Oppositely, the production line cost will be higher, especially for a beginner of this business.

Preform mouth or cap pco1881 pco1810
Specification PCO 1881 PCO 1810
Tread(°) Turn 650 Turn 720
Thread height (mm) 17 21
Finish size(mm) 28 28
Thread degree(°) 15±2 16±3
Weight(g) 3.8 5.1
Application Soft drink, juice, water, carbonated drink, short bottle etc. Soft drink, juice, water, carbonated drink energy drink etc.