PET preform injection moulding machine TSP-220

injection moudling machine

PET preform injection moulding machine driven entirely by innovative electric servomotors. The patented non-linear injection system enables unique combination of high speed, high pressure and long holding period contributes significantly to the enhanced precision and repeatability. It is your perfect partner for manufacturing high value-added, high precision and difficult moulding parts.

Injection Unit

•    Injection mechanism with CAM design reduces screw wear, noise emission, and maintenance cost while increasing injection accuracy.
•    Unlimited hold pressure time to ensure product quality including wall thickness.
•    Nozzle height is adjustable.
•    Movable hopper design to make it easy to change resins.
•    Double carriage cylinders provide momentum-free nozzle carriage.
•    Nozzle contact force can be adjusted independently.

Clamping Unit

•    3-platen technology with self-locking 5-point toggle system.
•    Patented moving platen design which helps to solve mold imbalance problems, lowers clamping force by approximately 1/3, and saves energy and extends mold life.
•    Imported clamping screw from Japan.  High quality and long working life.
•    All important features of mold platens are machined simultaneously by CNC machines.  This maximizes the precision and accuracy of platens and hence the consistency of the products.
•    Tie bars with chrome plating.  High tensile strength and long working life are guaranteed.
•    Auto mold adjustment function to make mold adjustment easier and more efficient.
•    Low-friction linear guides to support moving platens.
•    Central lubrication system of toggle system.
•    Platen holes and the ejection system are designed in accordance with the Euromap norm.
•    The whole machine safety design conforms to EN201 standards.

Power System

•    We use servo system as the whole machine driving force, cutting energy use by up to 80% compared to traditional hydraulic systems.
•    No contamination and suitable for clean product production thanks to fully electric design.
•    Motion on fly is achieved by multi-axes motion control.
•    Less or even no cooling water is required for the machine power system.
•    Low-noise work environment thanks to fully electric design.
Parameter data:

Model TSP-220
Injection unit   A B
Screw diameter mm 45 48
Shot Size cm3 460 525
Shot weight g 415 472
Injection pressure Mpa 188 165
Injection rate/ g/s 140 159
Screw L/D ratio L/D 22 20.6
Screw speed/ RPM 0-180
Nozzle Diameter/ SRMM 20
Clamp tonnage KN 2000
Toggle stroke MM 445
Mould Thickness MM 190-470
Space between tie-bars MM 490*474
Ejector stroke MM 155
Ejector tonnage KN 70
Ejector number Piece 5
Hole Diameter MM 125
Heat power KW 11.6
Max. pump pressure MPA 16
Pump motor power KW 17
Valve Size MM 16
Machine dimension M 5.4*1.6*1.75
Machine weight T 6
Oil tank capacity L 270


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