5 Gallon PP/PE Plastic Cap Injection Moulding Machine TSP120

5 gallon cap injection moulding machine

TSP120 series injection molding machines use a fast response variable pump that has a very high efficiency and low noise. The variable pump continuously adjust the output pressure and volume of the pump to match the values called for on the screen for the various parts of the moulding process. This system contrasts with fixed delivery pumps employing valves to control the required pressure and volume, and dumping excess oil to tank. This can result in energy savings of 20%-40% compares with normal machines.


(1) Energy saving
(2) Fast system response and short cycle times
(3) Greatly decreases oil temperature of the system
(4) Smoother mould opening and locking, prolonging the life of the machine and the mould.
(5) The extra oil filtration requirements are met by special imported filter components.

  A B C D
Screw diameter mm 32 35 38 42
Screw L/D ratio L/D 24.1 22 20.2 18.4
Shot volume(theoretical) cm3 137 163 192 235
Injiection weight(ps) g 125 148 175 213
Injection rate g/s 74 89 105 128.1
Injection pressure Mpa 260 219 186 152
Screw pressure rpm 210
Clamping force kN 1100
Open stroke mm 350
Space between tie bars(W×H) mm 410×410
Max.Mold height mm 380
Min.Mold height mm 150
Ejector stroke mm 100
Ejector force kN 38
Max.Pump pressure MPa 16
Pump motor power kW 13
Heating power kW 8.2
Machine dimension(L×W×H) m 4.15×1.12×190
Oiltank cubage L 230
Machine weight t 3.4

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