Rotary 5L 46MM Cap PET Water Bottle Filling machine TSP12-12-5

5L rotary filling machine

The 5L filling machine is used for filling drinking water, pure water, mineral water in 5L plastic bottle with screw cap for market selling.

1. The 5L filling machine is with bottle feeding, washing, filling, capping, cap sorting, cap loading function, cap wasing system, with belt lubrication function, no bottle no filling control system, no cap no work function.
2. The 5L filling machine is monoblock with bottle washing, filling capping parts together, 12 rotary washing heads,12 rotary filling heads, 5 rotary capping heads, more convenient to use.
3.The 5L filling machine is full automatic with PLC touch screen control system, speed is stepless adjustable.

4. The 5L filling machine main adopts high quality of stainless steel 304 material, meet with the food grade.

5. The 5L filling machine adopts the normal filling pressure, with stable filling function and high filling precision.  

6. The bottle washing filling capping machineis set with 2m inlet air conveyor and 4m outlet chain conveyor, the conveyor width is adjustable as your bottle size.  


Main technician datas: 
Model TSP12-12-5
Capacity 1200BPH (5L)
Washing head 12
Filling head 12
Capping head 5
Main material SUS304 
Applicable bottle PET bottle-screw cap, 2-5L
Filling pressure Normal pressure 
Washing material Clear water, pure water
Water washing pressure 0.25Mpa 
Filter membrane shell FRP membrane shell
Pump power 3.5kw
Size 3100*2300*1970mm
Weight 3200kg
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