5-10L Drinking Water Sachet Packing Machine 7500

5l sachet filling and sealing machine

Mold Auto bag(pouch) water filling machine is meetingmarketing demands, reducing the frequency of recycling bottle to result the secondary pollution and cost down for users. We research and develop the automatic bag water filling machine which is scientific, environment friendly, economic, health by own self especially. The facility  use the 304 stainless steel plate as the appearance cover and it is  new-design, good –looking, strong , clear working process and easy maintenance.The electrical appliances adapt the imported electric and PLC automatic controller.The operation of the touch screen make the user modify data convenience  and directly.
This machine is high precision packing machine and the most advanced liquid compound packing machine in China ,which is standing ,three side sealing and intermittent it can automatically complete Bag-making,filling sealing printing ,cutting and counting.

1.The machine adopts the stepping motor and electric cylinder to control the sealing film and cutting film, and use the frequency conversion circuit to overlay film and send film. The machine performance is more accurate and stable.
2. Beauty sealing, neat cutting, narrow sealing edge. It saves 3% films than hot plate sealing.  
3.The new electric cylinder type has excellent performance and operating mode. It owns strong adaptability so that the users only need water and electricity instead of gas source.
4. The power consumption of electric cylinder is just 1/6 time of air compressor.
5.The touch-screen allow customers to operate the machine more direct, simple and convenient.
6.The machine is equipped with ultraviolet light sterilization, chlorine dioxide and water washing function.   The film gets to be disinfected, sterilized and washed by water, and then be fold bag.
7.The sterilization,disinfection,washing and folding bag to reduce secondary pollution to pure water
8.The machine can exchange bag between 3L to 10 L without changing any equipments. Convenient for users, small investment, quick advantage.
9.The machine high return on investment is the best choice for users venture

Technical data:

Model 7500
Packing Method Auto Forming, Heat Seal
Power AC220V/380v±5% 50Hz
Capacity 400-600 bags per hour
Film Width 750 mm
Bag Width 360mm
Content 3-10L
Net Weight 1200kg
Machine dimensions 1090X1500X2200

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