Glass Bottle Rotary Spray Sterilizing Water Washing Machine 12 Heads

glass bottle washing machine

This series bottle washing machine 12 head adopts technology of west Germany SEN company, and is developed, combining the condition of our country. It adopts continuously spraying and washing method. It has high efficiency and good washing result. The equipment is mainly used to clean the plastic or glass bottles.  It is perfect equipment for the production line of beverage industry.

Machine specifications:

Model QS-12 QS-18
Capacity (b/h) 2000-3000 3000-5000
Diameter of bottle (mm) Ø60- Ø100 Ø60- Ø100
Height of bottle (mm) 160-320 160-320
Overall dimensions (mm) 1200x1100x1800 1450x1250x1800
Weight (kg) 1200 1800
Working principle:
This Automatic rotary bottle washing machine 12 head adopts electromagnetic motor to transmit the power to wheel through gearing. The wheel is equipped with manipulator folder. The bottle folder follows along with rotary dial so that the bottle is conveyed to bottle entering area in the action of bottle entering device and the bottle folder clamps the bottle, then the bottle is conveyed to the rinsing area and finishes 180-degree flipping, washing, draining and other procedures; finally the bottle is replaced and is pulled out. Therefore, the whole washing process is finished and reaches to the objective of cleaning. The clean bottle is sent to the filler by conveyer chain.

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