POP can filling machine GDF 24-6

The combination machine for beer and beverage industry, beverage cans containing gas filling and sealing.
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can filling and seaming machine

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Product Description:
2-In-1 Full automatic alumimum Can filling machine
The combination machine for beer and beverage industry, beverage cans containing gas filling and sealing, which is in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced beer cans filling, sealing machine independently developed on the basis of cans containing gas filling, Sealing unit the latest equipment. Filling and sealing for the overall design of the filling system powered by Sealing system to ensure that both the absolute synchronization and coordination.
Using the world's most advanced mechanical, electrical, pneumatic control technology, principle of the use of equipment such as pressure guan, filling fast and stable filling material loss after the surface low sealing good quality, smooth running machine, modeling beautiful and generous, easy operation and maintenance, the production rate of frequency control and so on. According to customer requirements and configure the remote control system is medium-sized beer, beverage plant equipment, the ideal choice.
This pop can filling machine is used for aluminum pop cans, tin cans and plastic cans filling and copping, which divides into hot filling and carbonated filling. It has many advantages like good-sealing quality, stable operation, elegant apperance, easy to operate and maintain and speed regulation of produce-speed. We could configure the long-distance control system as clients` needs, so it is the best choice foe bewers and beverage factories.

Main technical data:

Model GDF12-1 GDF24-6
Filling heads 12 24
Sealing heads 1 6
Production capacity 40-60cans/min 100-150cans/min
Suitable can height 65-160mm 65-160mm
Suitable can diameter 40-83mm 40-83mm
Power 2.5kw 5kw
Overall dimensions(mm) 2000x1500x2100 2600x1850x2100
Weight(kg) 2000 3500