PET Can Filling and Sealing Machine 12-1

pet can filling machine

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PET Can washing-filling-sealing machine linear type
This kind of production line is mainly used for washing, filling and capping for pop-top cans, which are made of aluminum and PET material. It has functions of lifting the can, automatically, reverse automatically, washing automatically and filling capping. All parts are made of stainless steel #304 or 316, we can guarantee TWO YEARS warranty.

Auto filling machine
It adopts the normal pressure filling principle. After it passes through the dialing wheel, the empty can will enter into the lift can supporting disc, and the filling valve is aligned with the empty can, which will rise for sealing. Meanwhile, the valve port of the filling valve is automatically opened. When the filling can will be conveyed to the sealing machine head by the hook chain. The cap will be sent onto the can mouth by the cap rises, the pressing head presses he can mouth, the sealing wheel carries out presealing and then real sealing. 

Main specifications:
Filling heads: 12 heads
Body material: SUS304 stainless steel
Power: 0.55kw (speed is adjustable)
Overall size: 1000×1000×1800mm

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