Linear 5L water bottle filling machine TSP4-4-1

5L water bottle filling machine

Product Description
The linear type washing, filling and capping machine is special machine for 5L and 7L bottle. When bottles come to the washing heads, the cylinder will push bottles into the washing heads, and washing heads will reverse the bottles. Then pump will give pressure and washing heads spurting water to wash the bottles.
After washing, the bottles will come to the filler. The cylinder will push bottles into the filler, then filling will come down to fill the bottles. After filling the bottles will go to the capping. One bottle will take one lids, then capping machine will screw the lids on the bottle.

Techinical data:

Model TSP4-4-1 TSP8-8-2 TSP12-12-3 TSP16-16-4
Production Capacity(5L) 500BPH 1000BPH 1500BPH 2000BPH
Suitable Bottle Size 4L-10L 4L-10L 4L-10L 4L-10L
Air Pressure(MPa) 1.45-0.6 1.45-0.6 1.45-0.6 1.45-0.6
Power(KW) 2.5 3.2 3.5 4.5
Weight(KG) 800 1500 2500 3500
Overall Dimension(mm) 4300*1200*1900 8000*1200*1900 12000*1200*1900 16000*1200*1900

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