Glass Wine Bottle Low Vacuum Filling Machine

glass wine bottle filling machine

The filling machine is widely used for non carbonated liquids such as wine,spirit beverage(whisky,vodka,brandy) etc.
Low vacuum filler is recommended for still,non dense liquids such as still water,wine,alcoholic beverage(whiskey,vodka,brandy etc) and any kinds of flat non viscous liquids.In this case,the opening of the filling valve is given by the neck finish of the containers,lifted by the mechanical plates of the filler.

1. Accurate filling liquid level
The tolerance of filling liquid level is below 2mm,better than the industry standard.
2. High working efficiency
The advanced technology of frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted on the machine,and the largest filling volume will get to 200-300 bottles per hour.
3. Large range of bottle adjustment
Bottle height is from 140-340mm,easy to adjust.
4. No liquid loss,no drip dropped
Tight seal,and it does not fill if there is no  bottle or bottle broken.Liquid flows down along the inner wall of the botlle,effectively control of the foam and spill.
5. Large range of applicaton
It is widely used for red wine,fruit wine,yellow wine,sauce-soy,vinegar etc.
6. Free bottle-feed-in
The spiral bottle arranging device ensures the safety of the bottle-feed-in.
Bottling parameters:

Output: 2000-3000 bottles per hour
Filling Heads: 12 heads
Bottle Height: 140-340mm
Bottle Dia.: ≤100mm
Filling Level: Equal Liquid Level
Power:0.75KW,380V/three phase
Dimension: 1100x1050x2100mm

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