QGF Series Barreled Production Line

5 gallon production line

Complete QGF series 5 gallon water production line is used for 4gallon, 5 gallon,6 gallon water filling, which is composed of washing, filling and capping. Capacity 100Bph-1200Bottles per hour .
1. 3gallon/4gallon/5gallon drinking water production line capacity: 100-1200BPH
2. PLC controlled+ English MMI;
3. Bottle volume:3 gallon- 5 gallon;
4. Certification: CE, ISO, BV,SGS;

1) Our complete QGF series 5 gallon water production line is specially designed for 3-5 gallon drinking water;
2) Complete 5 gallon water production line have the function of rinsing barrel, filling water into barrel, capping for the barrel after filling water;
3) Barrel packing is different from small PET bottle packing, usually the barrel is recycle using, so the barrel cleaning is very important as the first step. In our rinsing machine, the barrel will be cleaned by multiple liquid, from alkali water to disinfecting water, and then to the pure water, to ensure every barrel can be cleaned absolutely. And then the filling machine and capping machine will start to work automatically
4) In our capping machine, there is pure water spraying device, to sterilize the caps, avoid any pollution to the beverage;
5)  Our complete 5 gallon water production line can carry out the bottle washing, sterilizing, filling, capping, counting, heat shrink labeling, packing, discharging
Parameter of complete QGF series 5 gallon water production line

Product name Complete 5 gallon water production line
Bottle type barrel
Filling material water
Name Complete 5 gallon water production line
Function Washing Filling Capping
Processing Types Normal Pressure Filling
Material SUS304/316
Usage barrel brush machine and filling machine
Warranty 2 Years
Capacity 100-1200BPH
Product Keywords 20liter 5gallon drinking water bottling plant

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