5 Gallon Water Bottle Washing Filling Capping Machine Bottling Line

5 gallon water production line

The whole 5 gallon water production line
Complete QGF series 5 gallon water production line manufacturing process includes Empty bottle conveyor →Auto cap remover&outside brushing machine→Washing& sterilizer→ filling→ capping →Lamp inspection→date printer→Heat shrink film machine→bottle bagging machine →Full bottle conveyor

Introduce & features:
QGF-600 type auto 5 gallon water filling machine is in reference to foreign and digesting the latest models of similar domestic manufacturing technology based on the domestic industry of health standard of drinking water, and is in strict accordance with the United States industry association standard of drinking water; In the process of development, it is in line with the principles of security, stability, economic and practical and technology is leading peer level at any moment.

A...Pneumatically transfer for all functions except water pump, accurately orientation , wash bottle clean. Pneumatic press cap journey can get rid of height difference of different water bottles, ensure press cap accurately and tightly.
B.Compact , linear machine structure. Proper work station design, small volume, light ,reliable and endurable..
C.Adopt micro computer treat, realize whole process automation
D.All controllers and electric parts adopt 220V or 380V working voltage, ensure operate and equipment safe.
E.Cap sorting recess with large capacity, add caps no more than 50 pcs once.

Flow chart of 5 gallon water bottling line

5 gallon water bottling line

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