Carton filler packing machine for bottles ZXJ-600

carton packing machine

Drink Barrel Bottle Carton Packer Machine Packaging Line
The machine is an automatic packing machine designed for bottled and barreled products.It adopts computer program-controlled,simple operation,stable action.It can automatically arrange the products according to the packing requirements.It is suitable for the packing process of beer, beverage, food, chemical, medicine and other industries. The machine can be made to electric boxing machine,pneumatic packing machine,servo packing machine according to the driving method.
1. Particularly suitable for assembly line use, it is also easy to move.
2. The key components of the product are imported high-quality parts, with a very high cost.
3. The machine can allow single-row, multi-column products, single-box, multi-box packing at the same time
4. Before packing,we can use equipment to locate the carton automatically to ensure smooth packing,avoiding the carton is jammed.
5. Wide application: this machine can meet a variety of specifications of the product packing.
6. OEM is accepted.

Technical data:

Model ZXJ-600
Power Supply 220V/380V,50/60Hz,3KW
Carton Size L(250-500)*W(200-400)*H(100-450) mm
Quantity 3~6 cartons/time
Speed 10-30 cartons/min
Air Supply 6-7 kg/cm3
Machine Dimension L2000*W1500*H2050 mm

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