Hot Juice Bottle PP Blowing Machine (high-temperature resistance)

juice bottle blowing machine

TSP-PP-3000 high temperature bottle blowing machine
Machine characteristics:
TSP-PP type heat-resistant bottle semi automatic bottle blowing machine can blow PET/PP/ABS/PC/PE bottle with various shapes, volume from 50 ml to 2000 ml, the bottle temperature above 90 degrees, the most temperature can reach 95 degrees such as tea, fruit juice, milk, syrup, oral liquid, beverage, health care products. Comparing to other supplier, blowing products with high temperature resistance, longer reserve period, small investment, high efficiency characteristics, veryp popular in market.
  • The use of the two axis arm locking mode, locking mold is stable, fast operation, the use of far infrared rotary oven, uniform heating.
  • The gas path system is divided into two parts: action and air blowing, which can meet the needs of different air pressure in the operation and the blowing bottle, and can provide the stable high pressure to blow the special-shaped large volume bottle.
  • This machine is equipped with muffler and various parts refueling device.
  • This machine is divided into two types of point and semi-automatic.
  • This machine is small in size, low in investment, easy to operate and safe.
pp juice bottle
Technical data:

Model TSP-PP-3000
Container Product material PET
Volume 0.1L-2
Theoretical output 800PCS/H
Preform length 15mm-400mm
Preform inner diameter 10mm-160mm
Moulding Max.mould plate Dimenstion(L x W) 400x460mm
Max.mould thickness 300mm
Clamping force 65KN
Mould opening stroke 28mm
Machine size and weight  Main machine (L x W x H) 175*67*186cm
Main machine weight 600Kg
Heater (L x W x H) 187*63*145cm
Heater weight 250Kg
Power 17.5kw

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