PET Can Cutting Machine TSP-SG

pet can cutting machine
Application: PET, plastic, pp can cutting machine
Description: Multi function cutting machine; stable operation, adjustable rotating speed and toolholder, the appropriate size can make it seal easily. With high efficiency working condition it can make the cutting edge round and smooth, without lace, neat etc.
Features: high quality cutting edge, safety, compact structure, easy operate, no need big area, low noisy, with small change parts it can fit different diameter of cans. Machine is easy to operate, the cutting edge round and no lace.
Capacity: 15 cans/min
Can range: diameter φ45-φ130mm
         height: 35-300mm
(other size of can need make to order)
Main axis rotating speed: 50-1400/min
Hob rotating speed: 50-500/min
Motor: main axis power 0.55kw
Dimension: 650x480x1000mm
Weight: 80kg

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