Liquid nitrogen dosing machine (extend beverage shelf life)

liquid nitrogen dosing machine

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--All of the three-piece can drink and food can be replaced by the thinner two-piece can.
After filling, the liquid nitrogen will be injected into the can before sealing through the modern liquid nitrogen
injection technique. The -196°C  liquid nitrogen in the cans will become to nitrogen gas and expanded 700times when the liquid nitrogen absorbed the heat after sealing.
---Thus the nitrogen gas crowded out the air in the can prolonging the shelf life of the products.
---Moreover, the nitrogen gas will increase the inner pressure of the can, so the can will avoid flat tank after cooling
when the can sterilized in the retort under 121°C for a long time and keep the products in a good condition during transportation.
---Last the aluminum can is much light than the tin can, and easily for transportation and storage, also cheaper than
the tin can.
Main data:
Rated input voltage: 110VAC-60Hz/220VAC-50Hz +/-10%
Electricity:        ≤5A
Humidity:         Relative humidity 0%-100%
Working altitude:   3050 meters (10000FT) above the sea level
Noisy:            Continuous noise≤78dB(A)
Weight:            32KG
Capacity:          Max. Speed could reach to 300 cans per min.

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